Naturally, the best taste comes from the best ingredients. This is why we only use carefully selected materials for THE DRINKING APE™. We know that we have not yet achieved perfection, and every day, we are trying to improve a little and become more sustainable in our production processes. We will keep you up to date on this here on our website. Here is some information about our most important ingredients.



The ancient Egyptians highly valued liquorice root and turned it into an aphrodisiac elixir. Soldiers in ancient times also took the sweet-tasting plant along with them on long marches. Liquorice root prevents thirst and it also has an invigorating effect on the circulation and a soothing effect on the throat and stomach, which is why it is frequently used for healing purposes in medicine. The sweet treat, as we now know it, was first created in the eighteenth century. A pot of sugar fell into the brew while preparing boiled liquorice roots. Ever since, liquorice has become popular as a sweet treat throughout the world, and now it has even made its way into our little bottles.


The traditional liquorice drink from the Arab world is a liquorice root powder with added water. To make the taste a little sweeter, we decided to use white grape juice as the base for THE DRINKING APE™. The natural fruit sweetness of the grape gives the liquorice a fruity tone and enables us to keep the sugar content in the drink low. White grape juice is also rich in minerals and in vitamin B and vitamin C. As a result, THE DRINKING APE™ is not only a healthy drink, but a unique taste experience.


Traditionally known as a healing remedy from Chinese medicine, ginseng root promotes long life and health. However, it is also recognised as a healing remedy in conventional medicine. It prevents stress-related infectious diseases and flu-like infections and has a positive effect on human moods. It also increases virility and aids powers of concentration. But just between us: first and foremost, we used ginseng in THE DRINKING APE™ LIQUORICE SODAPOP intense as it gives a delicate aromatic undertone to the liquorice taste, perfectly rounding off the intense flavours.


Sugar has many features and is commonly not perceived positively. However, we find that sodas also need a small portion of sugar to be delicious. In ours sodas with liquorice, white grape juice and liquorice sticks bring the sweet note of sugar, while in our YUZU and CACTUS PEAR Sodapops  this is oranges and prickly pears. By the way we did it,  THE DRINKING APE contains 30% less sugar than similar soft drinks and colas – and that with a full-bodied taste experience. And we are also a little bit proud…


It sounds like an martial art, but it is a fruit that looks like a blend of mandarin and lime. A bit austere but also simultaneously sour and fresh, it provides a true taste explosion. The yuzu is mainly used in Japanese cooking, in its dried form. It is as well less widespread because the cultivation is more expensive than for the more common citrus fruits. Nevertheless, since we are really fans of this fruit, we use its juice for our YUZU sodapop, which is the only one to have this so particular flavor.


Oranges are among the most popular fruits in general. About 70 million tons are harvested annually worldwide and that’s good, because oranges are real little all-rounder. Rich in vitamin C, they are pushing our immune system, are good for bones, teeth and connective tissue. Beyond that – luckily – tasting oranges is also fantastic. We use the fresh orange juice -among other things – for our YUZU sodapop because we find that its aroma perfectly complements YUZU.


Whether to enhance the flavor of desserts, fish – or meat dishes- or for mixing cocktails: lime juice has long been known to be an excellent flavor enhancer a d for its tartness. Here, the sour note of lime juice makes our YUZU sodapop complete. In the same time he is extremely healthy and with not even 40 calories per 100 grams, it’s about a real slimming products.


The calamansi or Calamondin looks like its crispy aunt mandarin: taut, round and green. it is originally from China and is now cultivated mainly in the Philippines, in East Asia and in the Caribbean. Their taste is primarily sour, but also slightly bitter, while very intense. The Calamansi is incredibly healthy and rich in vitamin C, calcium and iron. It is even rumored that a few daily drops of Calamansi rich help to look younger longer. We therefore recommend: Just to play it safe, to enjoy 1 to 2 bottles a day of our CACTUS PEAR sodapop because it contains Calamansi puree.


Blood orange is similar to its sister, the orange. It is also rich in vitamin C, but has a dark impregnated flesh and is quite demanding. Because that the blood orange color gets extremely large fluctuations in temperature are needed: during the day fine mild, cold at night. If these temperature differences from, the Orange also refuses to accept their red flesh color. She has a few more, special abilities: the red pulp helps curb inflammation and can reduce the risk of cancer. we find quite strong and therefore the blood orange is an important part of our CACTUS PEAR sodapops.


Cactus pears are probably the most dazzling and at the same time the most undecided fruits that are there, as they can have a lot of crazy colors. Green, yellow, orange or red. If one day you encounter a cactus pear in the wild: be careful, the skin of the fruit is full of thorn. Of course, we remove them before we use the soft and jelly-like juice for our Sodapop. This tastes sweet to slightly sour, a bit reminiscent of pear is one of the most important constituent parts of our CACTUS PEAR sodapops.


The Aronia is a bit like blueberry but is called chokeberry, because its interior recalls the symmetrical arrangement of an apple ´s seeds . For us, it is relatively unknown, but it belongs to what we called superfoods, which means it is better to eat it often. The list of positive characteristics of the fruit is, to paraphrase Wladimir Klitschko: virtually unbeatable. Aronia or its slightly acidic juice is good for blood pressure, regeneration of the immune system, to fight allergies, stomach pain, promotes regeneration of bone – and muscular’ tissue – and strengthens nerves. But enough talk, the best is to try it by yourself with our CACTUS PEAR Sodapop!