Surprisingly different

Our Sodapops have one major feature! They taste different from what you already know. We have specialised ourself in creating & producing Soft drinks offering tasting flights. Nothing ordinary, pure natural, low sugar content, and extraordinary flavours you can enjoy as a sole refresher or mixing component for a new generation of long drinks or respective Cocktails.


Licorice is one example: for decades, you can chew, suck or enjoy licorices in tea, however THE DRINKING APE ™ brought this genuine licorice flavor in its first appearance in two variants, LIQUORICE SODAPOP CLASSIC, the soft licorice experience for true connoisseurs and LIQUORICE SODAPOP INTENSE, having intense licorice flavor with Salmiaknote for absolute lovers!


This doesn’t stop here!


To all who look for an exiting refreshing experience, fruity and unusual: THE DRINKING APE ™ presents his two new sodas, SODAPOP YUZU & SODAPOP CACTUS PEAR containing truly unexpected flavors.


Enjoy the difference! Pure or mixed!